The Global-Leading Education of Art and Design

Eurasia Art & Design School is a unique space, here filled with creative, innovate and valuable modern spirit. If you are considering applying to Eurasia Art & Design School, you might own this valuable modern spirit with you.

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    The only one partner of Art Design and Media University with CUMULUS International Association in Northwest China.

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    Taking global responsibility to jointly promote the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Cooperating with 25 domestic and overseas institutions and companies by connecting with international and local resources.

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    3 Bachelor Degree Programs.

  • 1,500

    1,500 Undergraduate Students (2019/20).


Focus on Undergraduate Education

Emphasizing art and design education at the undergraduate level, the faculty members work closely with students. They intend to improve teaching quality and contribute to new knowledge by developing innovative curricula and pedagogy. With different approaches to stimulate teaching and evaluation methods, students benefit from faculty’s ongoing guidance and feedback at each stage..

International Courses


  • The South Academic Building B

  • Experimental Center of Design and Media

  • The Museum of Design (MOD)

  • Grand Lecture Theatre

  • EAaD Gallery

  • EAaD Library

  • Community