Digital Media Art

The Department of Digital Media Art was established in 2010. Xi'an Eurasia University is one of the earliest institutions in China to establish this major. The major integrates contemporary art and technology, based on computer virtual reality design and multimedia design concepts and applications. It carries out cutting-edge research and creation in the fields of digital image and interactive design for the future development direction while focusing on art and design and real practice. The Department of Digital Media Art will help to foster high-end applied talents with humanistic, artistic, and technological thoughts and qualities.

Student Projects

  • Gong Gong/Lou Wri, Xie Qingyi

  • Sound Visualition/Li Shen,Qiannan Fu

  • Freedom in Book/Anni Wang

  • Xi’an/Zhenhua Han, Guotong Liu

  • Fiber Language/Yushen Ha, Ningning Wang/Optical Fiber

  • By Your Name /Yuhao Gong, Litao Liu

  • Gong Gong
    Lou Wri, Xie Qingyi
    Sound Visualition
    Li Shen,Qiannan Fu
    Freedom in Book
    Anni Wang
    Zhenhua Han, Guotong Liu
    Fiber Language
    Yushen Ha, Ningning Wang/Optical Fiber
    By Your Name
    Yuhao Gong, Litao Liu

    Career Development

    The Digital Media Art program has two directions: Interactive Design and Digital Image. Interactive Design emphasizes cultivating students comprehensive abilities and skills on basic programming, digital product design, new media creation and operation management; Digital Image emphasizes on the learning of cutting-edge digital image technology of production, and media communication. The graduates can be engaged in internet companies, media and cultural industries -related fields in the creation, planning, design, production, operation and management of film, television and online media.

    Learning Environment

    The Digital Media Art program equipped has 2 drawing rooms and 6 studios and labs, which facilitate students to carry out various experiments and practical projects, including Fabrication Lab, Immersive Interaction Lab, Photographic Image Experimental Studio, Sound Engineering Studio, Recording Room, New Media Interactive Design Studio. At the meantime, EAaD school is expanding its off-campus practical training space which has developed joint programs and collaboration with many enterprises such as Shanxi Animation Industry Platform, Xi'an Film Studio, and TCL Research Institute.

    • New Media Interactive Design Studio

      The New Media Interactive Design Studio under Digital Media Art Program established in 2013. Focusing on user experience design methods and industrial application research, it’s also a unique studio which emphasizes openness, interactivity, application and practicality of Digital Media Art program.

      Contact:Wu Xiaoxing


      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00

      Location:South Academic Building B316

    • Photographic Image Experimental Studio

      Photographic Image Experimental Studio provides students with photography, camera shooting, lighting, darkroom technology, video editing, After Effect processing, and commercial film and television practice activities.

      Contact:Zhang Shenghui


      Opening Hours:Every Wednesday

      Location:Shooting Room 111/ Editing Room 206

    • Immersive Interaction Lab

      Immersive Interaction Lab is based on three-dimensional virtual vision space to construct. It creates a virtual immersive interaction world for users, which through input devices of different senses of auditory, tactile sense and other sensing channels, and output device to interact with people.

      Contact:Hu Yuting


      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00

      Location:Design and Media Lab 109

    • Recording Room

      The Recording Room provides students with original sound work, original sound collection and creation bases and appointments.

      Contact:Xia Qiang


      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00

      Location:South Academic Building B318

    • Fabrication Lab

      Fabrication Lab provides services in 3D printing, 3D scanning, digital modeling and product design. It is a space for students to undertake modeling, collaboration and communication that the lab is experimenting for its possible form of a club.

      Contact:Liu Yin


      Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00

      Location:Design and Media Lab 104