Visual Communication Design

As strong support for the three majors of EAaD, the Visual Communication Design has built a platform for the remaining two majors, sharing great resources, and has laid a solid foundation for development for all other majors using the pattern of visual communication + new media. The major equips students with both design skills and practical skills of visual communication. 

In the teaching process, the Visual Communication design department actively explores the industry-university-research teaching mode and has been in line with the development of the times in the professional direction. Xi'an Eurasia University now obtains its own characteristics and advantages, has gradually become an influential professional in the field of similar professions in the Northwestern part of China.

Student Projects

  • Insect Science/Poster design/Zhou Yulu & Yang Shuhan

  • Mechanical Era/Illustration Design/Ma Yan

  • Empty-nest Youth/Illustration Design/Wang Chenhong, Zhang Chunjiang

  • Secret History of Mongolia/ Illustration Design/Zhao Xuhui & Ding Yuheng

  • Visual Scandal/Illustration Design/Zhu Mengjiao, Li Mengyao

  • Visual Mandala of Xi'an/ Illustration Design/ Wang Tingting

  • Insect Science
    Poster design
    Zhou Yulu & Yang Shuhan
    Mechanical Era
    Illustration Design
    Ma Yan
    Empty-nest Youth
    Illustration Design
    Wang Chenhong, Zhang Chunjiang
    Secret History of Mongolia
    Illustration Design
    Zhao Xuhui & Ding Yuheng
    Visual Scandal
    Illustration Design
    Zhu Mengjiao, Li Mengyao
    Visual Mandala of Xi'an
    Illustration Design
    Wang Tingting

    Career Development

    The students major in Visual Communication Design Program should have the knowledge and required skills for visual communication design, familiar with the procedures and methods of visual communication design. The Students will have advanced design concepts, design practice, design planning, design management and design research capabilities. In the future, students will be able to work in design services such as visual communication design, brand image promotion, packaging design, advertising planning and design in enterprises and institutions of higher education.

    Learning Environment

    The Visual Communication Design department has 6 studios. Among them, the Digital Illustration Studio, the Letterpress Studio and the Printmaking Studio are available for students to work on all kinds of experiments and projects. EAaD School also provides certain equipment supporting and technical counseling for students of different professional directions.

    • Digital Illustration Studio

      Digital Illustration Studio is capable to support creative expression and design needs in different illustration styles; with professional facilities, students can produce variety of illustration design, drawing, and printing.

      Contact:Yan Ji


      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00

      Location:South Academic Building B303

    • Letterpress Studio

      Letterpress Studio offers student a place for all kinds of printing practice. Students are able to master traditional printing technique and deepen knowledge of type and layout design by continuous practice.

      Contact:Huang Fang


      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00

      Location:South Academic Building B114

    • Printmaking Studio

      Printmaking Studio combines wood engraving, screen printing and other printing-based design, it provide students with opportunities to learn printmaking and the application of various techniques

      Contact:Wu Yani


      Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30

      Location:South Academic Building B106