Environmental Design

Taking artistic background as the basis, the EAaD School Environmental Design Program is an application-oriented profession which emphasizes people-oriented design of the space environment, and encourages students to study different scales of landscape architecture and interior scenes. It supports student develop their logical thinking and learning competence in facing complex problems, as well as their team working and practical application abilities.


The four-year degree starts with design basics and spatial cognition that offers students a step-by-step training. The third year students are free to decide whether major in Architecture Interior Design or Landscape Design according to their career development direction. The curriculum lays the groundwork in courses of design basics, design history and theory, engineering technology, general courses, equipping students with skills and abilities of conceptual design innovation, design representation, modelling and technical solution.


In addition to the regular courses, the program also invites world-leading practitioners, specialists, and academics to deliver project-based workshop and masterclass, in order to help students learn and understand the industry development and trends.

International Environmental Design Class

The International Environmental Design Class is structured under the Environmental Design Program of EAaD School. It supports the concept of sustainable development, and relies on the ascendancy that brought by the cooperation between EAaD School and the alliance of Cumulus International Art Design colleges. This program will lead students to take an international perspective in the Architecture Interior Design, and explore the Interdisciplinary design, as well as focus on cultivating students' foreign language skills and cultural literacy.

Now, the EAaD School has established cooperation with California College of the Arts, Coventry University and many other famous universities, our students can directly enter these schools in the future.

Student Projects

  • The Flipping Theatre Space Design/ The Research of Space Narrative / Su Changxi

  • S.MALL / Meng Li, Yue Yin / 2017-2018 / Graduation Design

  • Sea Trace / Loulou Gao, Mengqi Zhao / 2018-2019 / Graduation Design

  • Sit / Xuechun Zheng / 2019/ Furniture Design / Wood

  • Thorns / Jiaming Liu, Zhendong Liu, Cheng Wang, Liyujia Chen, Xiyu Chen, Jiayi Zhao/ 2018 / Space Construction / Corrugated Cardboard

  • Spring Breeze and Yumenguan / Zihan Zhao, Shuming Wang / 2018-2019 / Graduation Design

  • The Flipping Theatre Space Design
    The Research of Space Narrative
    Su Changxi
    S.MALL (2017-2018)
    Graduation Design
    Meng Li, Yue Yin
    Sea Trace (2018-2019)
    Graduation Design
    Loulou Gao, Mengqi Zhao
    Sit (2019)
    Furniture Design Wood
    Xuechun Zheng
    Thorns (2018)
    Space Construction Corrugated Cardboard
    Jiaming Liu, Zhendong Liu, Cheng Wang, Liyujia Chen, Xiyu Chen, Jiayi Zhao
    Spring Breeze and Yumenguan (2018-2019)
    Graduation Design
    Zihan Zhao, Shuming Wang

    Career Development

    Graduates from Environmental Design are prepared to master theoretical knowledge and design methods of interior design or landscape design. They are trained to possess excellent drawing skills and communication skills that make them valuable in engaging with design in related industries, such as architectural design, interior design, landscape design, and design services work.


    In addition, students gain multi-disciplinary learning experience of general art and culture, artistic cultivation, and business development. After graduation, students will have opportunities to be involved in related industry fields, such as governmental plan departments, real estate companies, construction companies, cultural heritage protection and tourism planning and design.

    Learning Environment

    • Environment Creative Lab

      The Environment Creative Lab provides creative workspace for students. Learning, researching, creating, inspiring, it's all happening here!

      Contact:Li Jiexu

      Email: lijiexu@eurasia.edu

      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00

      Location:South Academic Building B215 B306 B323

    • Assembly Lab

      The Assembly main focuses on 3D printing, 3D scanning, digital modelling and product design. There are already societies exploring the format to provide students with a platform for rapid modeling, collaboration and communication.

      Contact:Liu Yin

      Email: liuyin@eurasia.edu

      Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00

      Location:South Academic Building 104