Environmental Design International Program

The Environmental Design International Program is structured under the Environmental Design Program of EAaD School. It supports the concept of sustainable development, and focuses on the multidisciplinary design field of residential, commercial, architectural, landscape, and public art. The program also creates a multi-level relationship of “Human-Space-Environment” by orienting with the Urban Design, to educate the students with international vision, diverse skills of design thinking, practical application, innovation and interdisciplinary integration.

Core Competencies

  • Diversified international education platform

    dual Bachelor’s degree; Bachelor to Master degree; Master degree and Bachelor degree in a row.

  • International Education System

    The cooperation of domestic and overseas universities to build a curriculum of international design education and teaching standards.

  • Comprehensive English Education

    Focusing on IELTS test to improve the English ability of the 1st Year and the 2nd Year students. Adopting bilingual education to the 3rd Year and the 4th Year students.

  • Top-notch faculty team

    95% of the faculties are either foreign professors or with international education background.

  • International Learning Environment

    International Lectures, Workshops, Field Trips(tuition fee included) and overseas internship opportunities.

Cooperative Institutions

  • Coventry University

    The Guardian UK University Rankings 2019: No. 13.

    2+2 3+1

    (Dual Bachelor’s Degree.)


    (Bachelor Degree and Master Degree combined.)

  • California College of the Arts

    The TOP10 Art & Design Collage of the United States Art & Design Collage ranking by the U.S. News in2019.

    Bachelor Degree to Mater Degree.

Learning Environment

  • Environment Creative Lab

    The Drafting Room is an innovative and creative working space for students. Learning, research, creation, and inspiration can all happen here.

    Contact:Jiexu Li

    Email: lijiexu@eurasia.edu

    Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00

    Location:South Academic Building B215 B306 B323

  • Fabrication Lab

    Fabrication Lab provides services in 3D printing, 3D scanning, digital modeling and product design. It is a space for students to undertake modeling, collaboration and communication that the lab is experimenting for its possible form of a fabrication lab.

    Contact:Yin Liu

    Email: liuyin@eurasia.edu

    Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00

    Location:Design and Media Lab 104