Grow in Trips Program

Grow in Trips Program, GITsP launched by EAaD School is a learning-based practical teaching program. The main purpose of GITsP is to encourage students to beyond the classroom, and discover themselves by exploring the world. of GITsP will bring students to learn at the forefront of art and culture. Each summer, GITsP provides students with a different channel of their growth through their physical learning experiences outside of the classroom. It not only increasing students’ knowledge, the students’ are expected to grow up together while travelling through participate in questioning, discussing, and practicing, and to become global citizens with responsibility and creativity.

Travel to the world

  • 6

    Collaboration with 6 World-Class Design Universities

  • 11

    Visiting 11 countries

  • 30

    Exploring in 30 Cities

  • 60

    Visiting and Learning 60 Museums and Cultural Institutions

Student Feedback