Foundation Courses

Independent upon three core programs of Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, and Digital Media Arts, Foundation Courses provide students with general knowledge of art and design in the first year of education. It is designed to prepare students with basic learning abilities for future studies, including analyze and express abstract forms, deconstruct and restructure real things, research and apply material languages, explore and express formal languages. As the cornerstone of the entire training system of EAaD School, the curriculum of the Foundation Courses is led by the academic expert team, and responds to the teaching objectives of the three core programs. In addition, in the context of global background, Foundation Courses often unfold academic communication and exchange to review and reform the teaching content and methodology.

Student Projects

  • Atmospheric Perspective/Digital Color/Zhang Yao

  • Revelation from Nature's Color/Digital color/Qi Yile

  • Spatial Expression/Drawing/Ke Ying

  • Emotional Expression/Drawing/Zhang Jiaxin

  • Color Variation/Digital Color/Li Jingjing

  • Color Coordination /Digital Color/Lu Qiang

  • Atmospheric Perspective
    Digital Color
    Zhang Yao
    Revelation from Nature's Color
    Digital color
    Qi Yile
    Spatial Expression
    Ke Ying
    Emotional Expression
    Zhang Jiaxin
    Color Variation
    Digital Color
    Li Jingjing
    Color Coordination
    Digital Color
    Lu Qiang

    Learning Environment

    • Drawing Room

      Opened to first-year students, Drawing Room is prepared for students to practice sketch and color projects. Students are encouraged to study and create freely to generate different forms of contemporary art.

      Contact:Yuan Fenghui


      Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9:00-21:00

      Location:South Academic Building B414/412

    • Printmaking Studio

      Printmaking Studio combines wood engraving, screen printing and other printing-based design that provide students with opportunities to learn printmaking and the application of various techniques.

      Contact:Yani Wu


      Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30

      Location:South Academic Building B106

    • Photographic Image Experimental Studio

      Photographic Image Experimental Studio provides students with photography, camera shooting, lighting, darkroom technology, video editing, After Effect processing, and commercial film and television practice activities.

      Contact:Zhang Shenghui, Cao Bingjie


      Opening Hours:every Wednesday

      Location:Design and Media Lab 111